Revenge Body Challenge

by Andrea Gericke

Since the start of the show Revenge Body by Khloe Kardashian came out, I have been addicted and obsessed with the show. From Season 1 – completely hooked!

I think it so amazing that she is giving back, and helping normal people, like you and me, to achieve such amazing results. And I mean wow, have you seen some of these transformations? Hats off to these beautiful people, wow, it blows me away EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!

Well, of course, we don’t have a Kloe Kardashian here in South Africa, and well, I cannot travel there to enter and take part in that show… So I thought, why not? Right, just DO IT ALREADY! I have acquired some meal plans and exercise plans from some amazing online trainers and personal trainers. They are not nutritionists, but they do know quite a bit when it comes to nutrition and what works and does not work.

I am embarking on my own Revenge Body 12 Week Challenge starting on 1 September 2019! I am scared, but mostly excited for it. I have really been clearing my mind the last couple of weeks, to really mentally prepare myself.

I have found, in many attempts, I would on a whimp decide to try something, never mentally or physically or even emotionally preparing myself for the undertaking. And let’s be honest, losing weight is not just a physical transformation. Committing to changing your life, exercising, and eating better – it changes you in so many ways and challenges you on so many more levels than just the physical appearance. I have failed many times, because I gave up, because I was not mentally prepared for changing more than just my physical appearance.

The whole idea of this challenge is to, of course, improve my physical appearance, but also connect with myself again. Find myself again, and love myself again. I have, for most of my life, really had such a terrible relationship with myself and my body. I have never loved myself, not even like myself. I have been under weight for most of life, I have been at the perfect weight, and now, I am WAY over weight – and through all these stages in my life, I have NEVER, not a single time, loved myself or been happy with myself.

So, this journey for me is going to be tough, and I know that all too well, and that is why I have set a reasonable start date for me, so I could take some time to prepare myself to undertake this journey. I am ready to challenge myself physically, mentally and emotionally. I know it is going to be tough – but lucky me, I have the most supporting and loving husband that is with me every step of the way, supporting me, rooting for me and ready to pick me up if I fall. I am excited for the journey and can’t wait to get started on this new chapter of my life. I am ready to discover and love myself again. Ready to stop bullying myself. Ready to take back control of my life.

Keep an eye out on my blog, I will be doing updates right here on how the journey is going. It is going to be raw, bare and beautiful. I will share the hard and the good days, and I will be real. I have decided to journal this, both in hardcopy and online, this way, I keep myself accountable, to follow through on this challenge.

That’s it for now lovelies. Be sure to keep checking in for updates on my journey. Some recipes I will be sharing and just some news and tricks.

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